Cat News

Yes, we’re back! I used to love doing cat posts on my old blog so have decided to continue the tradition over here.

So what have the kitties been up to this week?  Well Pepper had a birthday so mainly did this:

Pepper-8737She’s 17 but still looks fabulous – and knows how to work a piece of tulle… (Photographic info – I lit this by bouncing the flash at the wall behind me. This way you get a lovely soft light as the wall turns into a giant light source – just make sure it’s a white or cream coloured wall so you don’t get any weird colour casts).

Lemonade & roses-8530Lemonade & roses-8553

Ralph was everywhere as usual – here he is helping me when I did some still-life shots outside in the garden (also reminding me that some serious weeding was needed).  (This was taken with a 50mm f1.4 lens, with the aperture at f2.8.  You have to get the focus exactly right when you shoot with a wide aperture as the depth of field is so narrow.  Always, always, always focus on the eyes).

Cats in the garden-8466

Charlie, who is getting on in years now, spent the warm weather in the shade, usually asleep.  (Taken with an 85mm f1.8 at f1.8, so again a very wide aperture.  I think I probably manually focussed the lens on his eye for this one because I didn’t want the camera to focus on the grass in front of him).


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