Lighting for Portraits

Happy Monday to all!

Today it’s a short post about lighting, specifically beauty lighting for portraits.  Lighting is one of those things that can strike fear into the heart of the beginner photographer, but it doesn’t have to be complicated! Great lighting is one of the easiest ways to make people look good in your photos, and beauty lighting is very simple.  It consists of the light source being directly in front of the subject, this minimises skin imperfections and is very flattering (although it can mean losing shape to the face in the form of shadows).

A few examples:


This shot of Honey was taken using direct window light (you can see the shape of the window in the catchlights in her eyes).


This one of Ava was also taken using window light, but this time I put a silver reflector on her knee to bounce light back up into her face.

Again, if you look at the catchlights you’ll be able to see both light sources.


Of course you don’t have to use window light, here I used a speedlite set to 1/4 power in a soft box.

It was placed directly above my camera, pointing down, and Honey had a silver reflector on her knee to bounce the light back up into her face to give that lovely wash of light.

So that’s it, dead easy to do and really effective.

(I’m pretty obsessed with lighting so there’ll definitely be more posts on this coming up!).


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