Sunday Sundries…

I was out and about early this morning with my Pashley bicycle – a think of beauty if ever there was one.  (For those who don’t know, Pashley are the longest established cycle manufacturer in the UK, and their bikes are hand built in Stratford upon Avon).  I cycled down to a local church to capture the Pashley in some summer sunlight.  Beautiful light is the one thing always guaranteed to inspire me to reach for my camera.  Talking of cameras, I managed to get my Canon 5D, four lenses, and a large bunch of flowers in the basket – tis a very handy thing.

If you read my post about sun flare you know how I got the effect in-camera.  These are an example of what you can do in post production.  I’m planning a tutorial on this technique soon!







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19 thoughts on “Sunday Sundries…

  1. Oh my gosh Bee … these images are the dreamiest ever! I’ve never been to such a beautiful place … I can’t even imagine. Your photography is absolutely stunning!

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