Sunday Sundries…

Summer seems to have arrived here in the UK, and I’ve been celebrating it with some of my favourite foods – summer fruits.  After my cherry infatuation of last week, this week I’ve been inspired to photograph strawberries and plums (I’ve also been inspired to eat them in large amounts).  I’d rather not have them cooked, just fresh, and in the case of strawberries with a few spoonfuls of Greek yogurt – bliss.

As for the photography, in the case of the strawberry I dropped it into a glass of fizzy lemonade to get some bubble action going on, then used a speedlite to light it against a white curtain.  I couldn’t decide whether to photograph the plums as dark and matte, because I love that velvety look, or add a mist of water, but eventually went with the latter.  I used a speedlite to light them again – in this case at a very low power setting and bounced from the ceiling, just to lighten the shadows, as I was shooting against the light again.

Quick tip: a spray of water can also add a bit of life to flowers when you’re photographing them – there’s something a bit magical about water droplets clinging to petals.  To make the drops bigger, add a few drops of glycerin to the water – instant dew.


The cherries are now gone!

BEEJ3311 BEEJ3291

BEEJ3251-EditAll taken with Sigma macro 105mm f2.8 lens.

One more image before I finish.  My last post mentioned how brilliant I’d found the Rogue Flashbender to be when shooting on-location portraits.  I decided to try it again on some random still life objects.  This time instead of bouncing the flash from it, I rolled it into a snoot to narrow the light beam into a specific area – it worked a treat! I shot a very moody, painterly image with it.  A really versatile piece of kit.


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47 thoughts on “Sunday Sundries…

  1. I’ve not done much macro photography, but agree that a drop of water on a flower always looks so good. Great idea to drop the strawberry in bubbles it really caught my eye. Thanks for sharing #mysundayphoto

  2. I went a bought a ton of summer fruit this week too. I love Strawberries, raspberries and ohhh the cherries…. I love your plum picture, i am going to give that a try myself


  3. Oh my … what wonderful images and so many photography tips included – thank you! I really love the bubbly strawberries! Thank you so much for linking up to my blog and IG!

  4. All of these are fantastically gorgeous, love the close ups, shows so much depth of color. The last one is my favorite, the strawberry and the bubbles< incredible! Great skill and focus.

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