Be Still 52

Life+thru+the+Lens+@+Simply+Living+PhotographyKIM KLASSEN dot COM
This week I’ve been obsessed with moody still-life and food photography.  I used the kitchen worktop and some pieces of dark card to direct the light from the window to get the effect I was after.  There’s an excellent lesson on doing this over at Turmeric n Spice, her photography is wonderful and I strongly recommend you pop over for a visit.

By the way that last shot is a spoonful of saffron – crazy expensive spice!

BEEJ1684 BEEJ1687

BEEJ1755 BEEJ1761


4 thoughts on “Be Still 52

  1. If I chose a favorite, it would be the apples and baskets, but they’re all great with the way you displayed the light. I’ve never tried that and should. Great photos. 🙂

  2. Love the red ones against the dark background in your shots. Very striking and beautiful. And I’ve always heard of saffron but never knew what it looked like. Very interesting!

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